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I don’t know how much you know about Ted’s Woodworking but one of the questions you have is obviously: is Ted’s Woodworking any good? My guess is that while you know something about this product, you still not sure whether it’s for you. Let me see if I can provide you with the kind of information that will make you feel you know enough about it to decide whether it’s something you want, or not.

Do you know that Ted’s Woodworking comes with a 60-day no questions asked guarantee?

I bring this up first because you don’t risk anything by purchasing it. Just be sure that you have your transaction details especially your order number. To ask for a refund, you go to and make the request. Once you’ve entered the relevant information, that’s it. No questions asked. A refund is issued.

A Clickbank Refund is Easy to Process

I’ve purchased Clickbank products and have used their refund process at least twice. It was so easy, I felt reassured that I can make any purchase on Clickbank without fear of being ripped off.

Mark you calendar (I’d use my smart phone) with a reminder 59 days from the date of purchase so you don’t forget–first to spend time just checking through the content, remembering that there are thousands of projects; then to explore exactly what you might need.

In the 59 days you have Ted’s Woodworking, you have the chance to check it out for yourself. Because anyone looking at this product is really wondering whether it contains what he/she needs, right? Everyone’s need for woodworking information whether it’s plans, videos, etc. is different. Check it out for yourself and see whether it contains the kind of plans you need. There are thousands of them. Don’t you think that with such a large “library” you have an excellent chance of finding what you need?

Ted’s Woodworking review

But there are more than just plans and projects. Remember that Ted’s Woodworking is intended for all woodworkers from beginners to advanced. There are tips for beginners, as well as over 100 videos that illustrate basic and advanced techniques that are used in woodworking. When you purchase Ted’s Woodworking you have access also getting help and specific questions answered.

Have you checked on reviews of Ted’s Woodworking?

teds woodworking projectsI have, and you can go to that post by clicking for the reviews here .

Most of the reviews were positive, and they were on websites and from people who claim to be experienced woodworkers. They even show examples of what plans look like. But as I said above, you can check them out for yourself.

When I found negative reviews there were basically claims that some of the plans were pirated from other websites. I don’t know whether that is true or not. They aren’t saying that these plans aren’t good and useful. And they are not saying all of them have been pirated. So I’m staying with the idea that there will always be nay-sayers, and I can find out what I can by looking at what I purchase closely.

One of the reviews bashed all Clickbank products because he claims that anyone can create a product and sell it on Clickbank. I don’t think that is a good reason to avoid all Clickbank products. It’s hard to dispute that fact that Clickbank makes billions of dollars with their digital products. How could they be scam products? Clickbank has the largest collection of digital offerings in the world; AND every one of these products come with a 60-day-guarantee.

Is Ted’s Woodworking any good?

Ted’s Woodworking reviewsThere is more to Ted’s Woodworking than thousands of plans. As with many plans you get free or purchase, you get a list of equipment and supplies that you need for that project, instructions on moving step by step from beginning to end; even a discussion about the choice of wood.

In addition, there are 150 how-to videos that cover most topics that you may have questions about: about the kind of joints you might use, and how to create them; how to finish you projects from sanding to applying the final coat of sealer/protection.

So my answer to the question, is it any good? Yes, it supplies a lot of information that you would have to gather from experts among the friends and family that know woodworking or from running down the right video or information online. I’ve done that. It takes a lot of time.

What if there is no real person as Ted McGrath of Ted’s Woodworking?

Some of the negative comments made of Ted’s Woodworking is that Ted McGrath . isn’t a real person. They claim to have tried to track him down. It makes sense to me that some “famous” people don’t want to be found. It also makes sense to me that it’s the product that you’re purchasing not access to Ted McGrath. Who cares if there isn’t any Jack of Jack’s fast foods or Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken? Does it take away from the food products associated with that brand?

Is there a discount on this product?

When you go to the click here or in the sidebar to the right, you will find a page on Ted’s Woodworking, a video that tells you a story, in addition to other information. If you don’t purchase and click on to leave the page, you will get an offer of a 20% discount. So that’s your reward for reading down this far in this article.

Teb-woodworking-review-guaranteeA reminder of what Ted’s Woodworking is:

All projects come with plans , instructions, list of materials, including suggestions about woods to use, instructions for joinery and for finishing projects.
More than just plans there are: 150 how-to videos; 200 pages of tips and techniques.
Remember that since this is a Clickbank product, you get a 60 day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee: plenty of time to check it out thoroughly.
Although you can get instant download of the package, since there is so much material the best choice is probably to wait for the DVD through snail mail. Depending on your computer, it may take a long time to download.
As mentioned above, clicking to the leave the main offer page for Ted’s Woodworking, a 20% discount is offered.
After you purchase you’ll be offered the opportunity to get more information such as access to support. These are called OTO, one-time offers.
Here’s your opportunity to check out for yourself, Ted’s Woodworking. Click here.