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The Art of Woodworking

440 Pages with guides, tutorials, and 40 free woodworking plans. This ebook covers a broad range of woodworking topics. From basics like types of wood and tools that you will need to start your hobby or first professional steps to some of the techniques to process wood. The bonus is that you will get 40 detailed woodworking plans, with specifications and step by step instructions. Fill the form below to get your e-book now.

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Get 40 Woodworking Plans & a 440-Page Guide Book Absolutely FREE!

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Included plans in this e-book:

  • Plant Stand
  • Library Bookends
  • Oak Cabinets
  • Magazine Rack
  • Night Stand
  • Wall-hung Coatrack
  • Mantel Clock
  • Oval Picture Frame
  • Display Cabinet
  • Shaker-style Keepsake Box
  • Jewlery Box
  • Inlaid Tea Tray
  • Corner Cupboard
  • Collapsable Band Saw Basket
  • Spice Shelves
  • Crosscut Trivets
  • Recipe Holder
  • Knife Storage Block
  • Kid’s Wall Clock
  • Building Blocks
  • Basic Bookcase
  • Schoolhouse Desk
  • Double-drawer Chessboard
  • Domino set
  • Booster Bench
  • Kid-size Picnic Table
  • Planters
  • Day Tripper Chair and Table
  • Basic Adirondack Chair
  • Teak Cockatil Table
  • Porch Glider
  • Porch Swing
  • Full-shelter Doghouse
  • Garden Bench
  • Potting Bench
  • Patio Table and Chairs
  • Picnic Table and Benches
  • Sung Lounger
  • Cedar Bird Feeder

Brief overview of the book

Chapter 1: Workshop Essentials

  • General Workshop

Chapter 2: Woodworking Tools and Skills

  • Measuring, Marking, and Layout
  • Cutting Wood
  • Joinery
  • Drilling
  • Shaping
  • Clamping, Gluing and Fastening
  • Sanding and Finishing

Chapter 3: Home Furnishings and Accessories

  • Indoor Furnishings and Accessories
  • Just for Kids
  • Outdoor Furniture and Accessories


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