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Are you searching online for woodworking plans for beginners?

You are using an excellent strategy to see what you can find online rather than going from hardware store to hardware stores. I just did that, typed “woodworking plans for beginners” in a Google search bar (so far I’ve found Google searches to be superior to others) and found a number of sites directly on the topic.

Questions you might ask yourself when viewing woodworking plans

The first woodworking website has a number of photographs for simple projects that can be completed in a few hours or a few days. Do any of them inspire you to find the lumber and gather your tools? Although you may be looking for something simple, perhaps you can also have two other ideas in mind: 1) is the finished product something I would use? Such as a picnic bench: will you use it? 2) Does the form please you? Is there beauty you can see in the finished product? Well, perhaps not. What questions do you have?

Many of these projects involve curves. Do you as a beginner know how to create curves in a piece of wood? So while these projects are listed under woodworking plans for beginners, they may be too demanding for you at this point. Or they may not appeal to you. Let’s move on.

The second website has 10 projects, and you can see that they are simple and probably in your range of skills. Here my two questions about practicality (will you use it?) and beauty (does it please you aesthetically). For me, these projects are a bit too unrefined and I don’t think I would be really proud to have created them. I want more.

Woodworking Website #3 has a collection of projects that are simple yet more refined. One at least requires a rounded edge. Others have mitered joints but these are basic skills you can master fairly easily. What is more there is ample information about finishing the pieces, and best of all, the plans are free.

Website #4 is not as straightforward as the others. To find plans and ideas you need to find them under one of the menu items and then you’ll find these categories: tables, chairs, boxes, etc. What intrigued me about this website were all the topics covered besides plans and projects. However, when I looked at a project he had completed, the plans weren’t available. Rather, the plans came from a book he had, and his explanation of what he did used language only woodworkers would understand. That is, there were no detailed step by step “how to” instructions for a beginner.

Suggested strategy for looking online for beginner woodworking projects

If you have a topic you’re doing Google searches for, a good general strategy is have a plan or Excel spreadsheet to collect and organize your material. Although you may be looking for woodworking projects for beginner, you will stumble upon a lot of other information you might find helpful. Examples are:

      • Different joinery illustrations and instructions
      • Safety tips
      • Basic woodworking tools
      • Finishing projects
      • Woodworking plans and projects
      • How to use power tools such as a circular saw
      • and more

The other big browser: using for your search

I recommend that you go to Youtube and search for beginner woodworking plans also. You’ll probably find many entries for that spreadsheet that organizes and collect woodworking information that you will want to check on later.

What is the most extensive collection of beginner woodworking plans or projects

The answer is probably from Ted’s Woodworking collection of 16,000 projects. Yes, 16,000. Included in this collection is probably every woodworking project you can imagine. Each of them comes complete with detailed illustrations and plans, as well as instructions. They are meant to be the only resource you need for woodworking plans/projects.

What is more, the purchase is backed by a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, so you have time to look it over carefully to see whether it has what you want for now and in the future. Refund rates are low for Ted’s Woodworking attesting to the high quality of Ted’s work.

Keeping inspired as a beginner woodworker

Whenever you explore a new hobby or actually begin, I recommend collecting materials that keep you inspired. Ted’s woodworking projects can offer endless ideas to keep your imagination flowing. I know that when I view some of the Youtube videos on woodworking, I am filled with excitement and inspiration. Become aware of what inspires you and collect that material to review when needed.

Looking on the Internet for woodworking plans for beginners is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure.  Youtube is also an excellent resource.